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reinforced concrete walls under cyclic (quasi-static) loading in ABAQUS


I started modelling the
behaviour of the reinforced concrete walls under cyclic loading using
.  I used a shell element part with solid homogeneous
section and defined the concrete behaviour using concrete damaged plasticity
material definition. Embedded truss elements were used to define the steel
rebars. In 2 different steps (left and right) I defined the cyclic loading (in
plane) as imposed displacement (using amplitude-smooth step).

My question are:

angle-ply laminated plate model

I am trying to built a model for a laminated angle-plied plate, which has different fibres orientation in each plate. But I have a problem in materilas property as the Abaqus told me after analysis andmake error. The error is that the properties of the model in not assigned well. I have assign them as shell composite and make the local co-ordinate orientation.

I have tried to use homogeneous material and enter the Engineering contants in all directions and by just changing the local axis orintation, it works. But I don't know if this is right or not.

Need advice plz

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Display Group Option in ABAQUS

Hi everyone

can anyone tell me how to use "display group" option in ABAQUS.

i have to find the total reaction force of set of all nodes on a particular surface. i had tried many times using "display group" option. but couldnt succeded.

or is there any other option to get the data from those set of nodes on a surface.  we have this kind of option in ANSYS, but what will the corresponding feature in ABAQUS.

Please help me in this regard. 




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ABAQUS Tutorial for ES 240

Please download and read the following materials.

1-1 ABAQUS tutorial for ES 240.pdf

1-2 Learning ABAQUS.pdf    

1-3 CAE Example.pdf


My ABAQUS notes

ABAQUS is a suite of powerful general purpose engineering simulation programs based on the finite element method.

1.1 Features

Abaqus contains an extensive library of elements that can model virtually any geometry. 

You may import geometry from a many different CAD software packages. 

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End Notched Flexure Problem

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I want to model an End Notched Flexure (ENF) specimen in ABAQUS for
studying the mode II fracture behaviour in laminated composites.

I have modeled the problem using shell elements and continuum shell

To prevent the two legs from penetration, I have examined almost all
of connector types (in ABAQUS/CAE) and also contact types but the
results have not been satisfactory.

At this moment I don't have any idea about what to do.

Can anybody help me in this regard?

Best Regards


ABAQUS ( viscoelastic material model)

Does any one know how to implement other viscoelastic material models, like Burgers' model, in ABAQUS? To my knowledge only Prony series can be used to model visoelastic materials in ABAQUS/standard. 



ABAQUS Tutorial


Does anyone have a ABAQUS Tutorial ? I would like to get familiar with this software. Please email me if you have to





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ABAQUS Computer Assignment #2 (Due Nov. 20)

CA #2 Natural frequency problem

Due on Monday (Nov. 20) in class

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Notes for Computer Assignment #1 Q5

The notes mentioned in the problem (Rice, Solid Mechanics, pp65-68) is attached.

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ABAQUS Tutorial and Assignment #1

1-1 ABAQUS Tutorial: Schedule & Proceedings

1-2 Learning ABAQUS: Begin with ABAQUS Command

1-3 Computer Assignment #1: Plate with circular hole

1-4 CAE Example: Having a sense of ABAQUS CAE



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