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Abaqus Pin-on-disc Simulation problem

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Distributed Coupling in Abaqus

Hi all,

I am trying to replicate an analysis done in Abaqus by using LS Dyna. I've an input(inp) file of the abaqus model on which the analysis has been performed.


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solved thanks

Best regards

stepTime VS. totalTime

Hello everyone,

 I have a problem with one user subroutine.

The fact is that, debugging the subroutine I see the totaltime different from the steptime. I am using just one step and the .inp implementation is veryfied with a different user subroutine, so totaltime and steptime should be exactly the same (but they are not...)


The value of the total time is around 1e-8 and the value of the steptime is around 1e-55.


Could anyone give me a clue?


Thanks in advance.

Abaqus - evaluate stress at point (x, y, z)

Hi everyone,

I would like to evaluate the stress value (e.g  Mises) at a given point (x, y, z) within a 3D model. I cannot force this point to be a node. The problem is modeled with Element Type (C3D4).

Is there a built-in command I can issue in the input file of Abaqus to have Abaqus output the desired value to the output file?

Or, is there a python script I can use for this purpose?

Thank you,

Modeling post-tensioned concrete in ABAQUS

Hi All,

 I want to model post-tensioning tendons embedded with concrete structure. Both ends of tendons are anchored. Can anyone inform me what kind of element most suitable to model the tendons and concrete structure in ABAQUS? I tried solid part for both items, yet as the tendon diameter is very small if compared to the concrete dimension, the resulting number of mesh on the concrete structure is very large.

Material Parameter Calibration for Johnson Cook

Hi all ... Is there a way to find/calibrate material parameters for johnson and cook material model using experimental data in Abaqus? .. As far as i know abaqus has something called as data editor with which Hyperelastic materials models can be calibrated with experimental results. If not is there any other way arround to do calibration of material parameter with abaqus.

Modelling water in Abaqus


Is anybody able to provide me with a step by step guide of how to model water as a material in Abaqus.


Modelling Floating objects in Abaqus


Im a real beginner at Abaqus, and trying to model a hollow structure floating in water. I've managed to model the structure, but I do not know where to start with regards to modelling water. I also need to apply a gravity load to the structure, but am having difficulty doing so.


Is anyone able to help.

Many Thanks


PhD scholarship in Micro Mechanical Damage Tolerance Improvements of Composites

A PhD scholarship is available at DTU Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark in the field of micro mechanical modelling of composite materials for wind turbine blades. The department has well-established research activities within material modelling and composite mechanics.

Naming of an "Epsilon Dot Zero" And a "Reference Strain Rate" of J-C Parameters in Abaqus/Explicit


I'm a little bit confused with a naming convention of strain rates of Johnson-Cook plasticity and damage model in Abaqus. In J-C equations there are two parameters:  

  • ε.0 (epsilon dot zero) known as a reference strain rate which has the value of 1 s-1,
  • ε. (epsilon dot) known as the plastic strain rate or the effective strain rate [s-1].

In Abaqus (Edit Material window), there are two parameters with the same(?) name:

MPI errors on a linux cluster (ABAQUS/Explicit)

Hello everybody,

i try to perform a 2D orthogonal cutting simulation using the Johnson-Cook damage model in ABAQUS/Explicit. When simulated on my desktop PC (AMD Phenom quad core processor, Windows Vista 64bit), the simulation runs successfully. But if  I try to run the simulation on a linux cluster, it ends with error messages related to HP-MPI. Moreover, if I run a 3D drilling simulation on the cluster, it runs successfully with no errors.

I use ABAQUS 6.7.5, CPE4R elements. 

Example of error messages from *.log file:

SIMULIA announces new features in Abaqus 6.10

For those of you looking for FSI simulation on Abaqus platform, recently Simulia has announced the new features in release 6.10, which introduces the capability for performing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation.
So it enables users to perform coupled physics simulations with
Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit, such as fluid-structure
interaction between human tissue, a medical device, and fluid flow, more information:


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Need help in resolving an ABAQUS error about degrees of freedom of a temp-disp process

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The use of IOSO Optimization and ABAQUS at Civil Structures of NPP (from ABAQUS Users' Conference)

At the stage of NPP civil structure design for determination of stress-strain state (SSS) at static and dynamic loading ABAQUS is widely used. Hereto the floor response spectra are determined for calculation of loadings on the equipment at special dynamic impacts (seismic, air shock wave, aircraft crash). In case if the obtained characteristics of SSS or spectral accelerations exceed maximum permissible values, designers take actions on strengthening the corresponding structural components.

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SIMULIA Travel Award for Bioengineering Researchers using Abaqus FEA

Submit your Bioengineering Conference Paper—Be eligible to win $500 travel allowance! 


Thermal Buckling using ABAQUS


 I need to know how to specify the step in ABAQUS to perform thermal bucking analysis of shell.

Any comment, suggestion or documentation will be appreciated.


Wrong pore pressure and effective stress state in ABAQUS


I want to model an anchored sheet pile wall placed in a completly saturated clay material, where
the excavation steps on the left side of the wall have to be taken into account.

I am using the keyword in ABAQUS "*Model change, Remove" to remove my elements, so I can
simulate the excavation steps. Unfortunately, my pore pressures seem stranges in the
model when I am using this keyword.


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Hello ,I am trying to model the extrusion of hollow circular tube of aluminium 6063 at 450 through a hollow die in ABAQUS.The model aborts due to excessive distrotion.I have specified ALE adaptive meshing parameters. Has anyone explain how to choose the number of sweeps and the frequency parameters.

How to use ALE in modelling extrusion of AL circular tubes through hollow dies(porthole)

Hello,I am an MS student working on extrusion of AL tubes through hollow dies using ABAQUS.I am facing problems in the ALE settings. The job aborts due extensive distortion even after applying and increasing the number of remeshing frequency and sweeps. I greatly appriciate if any one could help me out.


Using Fortran compiler pgf90 with ABAQUS-6.9

A problem we are trying to solve in ABAQUS-6.9 involves user defined Fortran subroutine to be compiled by ABAQUS. The default compiler used by ABAQUS is ifort, but what we have is pgf90. Is it possible to make ABAQUS use pgf90 compiler instead of the default ifort ? How?


Thank you

Vaibhav Yadav

obtaining stress-strain curve parameters

Dear All,

In one of my elastic-plastic simulations, I have used the Combined hardening model with half-cycle to model its plastic behaviour. So, I've fed in a list of values from experimental data. Now, I understand that ABAQUS uses certain parameters to generate the stress-strain curve from the data that I've provided.

Is it possible to find out these parameters used by ABAQUS?

Thanks in anticipation,


abaqus - ball indentation- high value of stress

Dear all,

I have modeled a cyclic ball indentation problem in
Abaqus. The sphere has been modeled as axisymmetric rigid surface while
the plate is axisymmetric deformable. The material data fed in for the
plate has been obtained from low cycle fatigue experiments and the
combined hardening model using half-cycle has beem employed.


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