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The iMechanica Journal Club (iMech jClub)

2019 Themes and Discussion Leaders

  • January, Nanoprecipitation strengthening in high entropy alloys, Xiaoyan Li (Tsinghua University, China)
  • February, Stretchable Chemical Templates: New Tools for the Fabrication of Polymer Microstructures and Actuators, Stephen Morin (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
  • March, Fatigue of hydrogels, Ruobing Bai (California Institute of Technology)
  • April, Self-healing soft materials: from theoretical modeling to additive manufacturing, Qiming Wang (University of Southern California)
  • May, Controlling soft robots with snap-through instabilities, Philipp Rothemund (University of Colorado Boulder)
  • June, topic to be announced, Michael Thouless (University of Michigan)
  • July, to be announced.
  • August, to be announced.
  • September, to be announced.
  • October, topic to be announced, Katia Bertoldi (Harvard University)
  • November, topic to be announced, Martin Kaltenbrunner (Johannes Kepler University Linz)
  • December, topic to be announced, Xuanhe Zhao (MIT)

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